Tier credits are simply a means of tracking progress towards increased tier status and additional player benefits. Qualifying period for earning tier credits is twice per year (every six months). Tier credits are not points nor can they be redeemed for cash, comps or slot view play.

Additionally, every Tier Credit qualifying period is extended by one week. This means that not only do you get an extra week of benefits, but you also receive an extra week of earning at the beginning of each qualifying period as well as the end of each qualifying period.

View your tier credit balance at MyInsider.com, any kiosk, or the Island View Player's Club

A: Tier credits are used to track your tier status. Tier credits have no cash, comp or slot view play value.
A: Tier credits are earned based on your slot and/or table games play. 4 earned slot points = 1 Tier Credit and 1 hour of table play at a $10 Average Credits. Tier credit balances can be viewed online at MyInsider.com, at any Promotional Kiosk or by simply visiting the Player's Club.
A: Yes, tier credits expire at the beginning of each new qualification period: January 7 and July 7 of each year.
A: At the beginning of each qualifying period, players are rewarded a number of tier credits based on their achieved tier status level. Insider Plus = 100; Insider Ultimate = 200; Insider Select = 500; V Card = 1,000.
A: No - Tier Credits are not redeemable for cash, comps or slot view play.
A: Tier credits are earned immediately.